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Tablet Repair



Tablet Repairing by Experts


Tablet Screen Repair

Damaged Your Tablet’s Screen? Don’t panic, we can fix it in no time.

Motherboard Replacement

We Repair or Replace Defective Motherboard
at competitive price in no time.

Water Damage

It does not matter whether it is one splash, one spill or full immersion in pool, we can still repair it.

Power Issues

Tired of unwanted and frequent switching-on and switching-off of Tablet? Don’t Worry! We will repair it!

Signal Failure

Tablet can’t detect signal, but other tablets can. No worries! Get it repaired by our technicians in no time.

Charging Issues

Tablet not holding charging? Slow charging? Our expert technicians repair such signal issues in no time.

Tablet Repairing Service Center’s


33/33 A, Ramaroad, Kirti Nagar,
Near Grand Dreams Banquet Hall,
New Delhi- 110015


Shri Chakravarthy Complex No.53-58 2nd Floor, V.V Puram, Sajjan Rao Circle, Bangalore - 560004.


Unit No. F/7, Kohinoor Mall, Ward No. L Kirol Road, Kurla (West) Mumbai: 400070


3rd Floor, Premise no-5-4-698, Kattal Mandi, Hyderabad - 500001


No. 501, Tower-II, Mayfair Towers, Wakdewadi, Shivaji Nagar, Pune -411048


Yaantra Chennai: No.19, Dr. Ranga road, Jupiter complex, 3rd floor, Mylapore, Abiramapuram, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600004

What We Offer


Tablet Repair

Tablet has been an evolution in consumer electronic world with providing services that is combination of smartphone & big computer. With majority of population are using tablets, we offer genuine quality repairing for all tablets. It does not matter, what sort of fault has struck your tablet, from repairing faults like signal issues to repairing serious faults like defective motherboard, we can fix them all. Our organization is equipped with pool of talented technicians, who have years of expertise in assisting tablet repair. We fix all tablet faults including broken screen, tablet display replacement, motherboard repair, water damage, display replacement, hang issues, signal issues etc. We always look to provide wow repairing and thus, our services have been crowned as best tablet repair in Delhi NCR, Bangalore, Mumbai and Chennai. We are also into the services of hardware installation for your tablet.

Why Get Tablet Repaired by Yaantra Technicians?

All Brand Assistance
After Repair warranty,
Quality Repairing ,
Customized service as per your requirements ,
Free Pick & Drop Service

100% Guaranteed Repair or Refund

Yaantra promises world class repair services at wow prices for all mobile faults by expert technicians. However, in an exceptional case if due to unavailability of required part or due to any valid reason, company failed to provide repair smartphone, then customers will be liable for 100% refund of their money.

How It Works:
  • Smartphone repair Easy Pickups
  • Cellphone repairing services Quality Repair
  • quality phones 36 Quality Checks
  • same day delivery Delivery within 48 Hrs.


Touch & Display Repaired


Cracked Screen Repaired


Water Damage Repaired


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