Doorstep mobile repair
Doorstep mobile repair


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If you are using your mobile and suddenly it starts showing some issues which can occur due to hardware or software issues with your mobile. In this case, you need to repair your mobile device to use it hassle-free. Yaantra is the leading provider of a smartphone repair in Raipur as we have skilled technicians that will easily repair your mobile device and make it error-free. Our professionals can repair your mobile device at your doorstep. We offer well-equipped labs with cutting-edge technologies to repair your damaged mobile phone. If you have any problems with your phone, please contact us for mobile repair in Raipur.

Screen Replacement

Mobile Screen Replacement Service in Raipur

If your smartphone has screen issues such as a cracked screen, flickering screen, dead pixels, and so on, and you're seeking a reliable service of smartphone repair in Raipur. You are at the right place as Yaantra is the best provider of Mobile Screen Replacement Services in Raipur. Our skilled and certified technicians can easily replace your mobile screen within a given time. We always replace your mobile screen with a high-quality one. Our professionals will quickly and efficiently resolve any minor or major screen issues with your mobile device. You need to call us to get our reputable service of mobile repair in Raipur.

Mobile Motherboard Repair Service in Raipur

If your mobile device experiences overheating problems and power-on/power-off problems, it may be a sign that the motherboard needs to be repaired right away. You should contact a reliable mobile Motherboard Repair Service provider in this case so they can successfully repair your mobile motherboard. Yaantra is a one-stop solution for mobile Motherboard Repair Services, so contact us today. Our qualified specialists will use cutting-edge technology to repair your mobile device's motherboard and restore it to its original condition. Call us today to get a reliable service of mobile repair in Raipur at an affordable price.

Motherboard Repair
Battery Replacement

Mobile Battery Replacement Service in Raipur

Every mobile device needs a battery to operate, otherwise, it is worthless. And today, battery issues are the most frequent problems that smartphone users have. If there are any battery problems with your phone, you don't need to worry about it since Yaantra offers a reliable mobile Battery Replacement Service in Raipur at an affordable price. Our professionals can quickly replace or repair your mobile battery depending on your device's needs. We are here to assist you, so you don't need to waste any more time looking for a mobile repair service in Raipur. In addition, we provide doorstep repairs and give a warranty of up to six months. Call us right now for fast and cost-effective service of mobile repair in Raipur.

FAQ For Mobile Repair

  • Q. What types of damages does Yaantra repair?

    Yaantra repairs various types of damages including cracked screens, motherboard issues, water damage, battery replacement, and more.

  • Q. How does Doorstep Mobile Repair work?

    Upon booking our Doorstep Mobile Repair service, our esteemed customer care team will reach out to you to determine your preferred timing slot for our technician's visit. The technician will perform a comprehensive diagnosis of your mobile device and provide on-the-spot repairs at your doorstep. If the issue is deemed major, our technician will transport your device to an authorized center for prompt resolution.

  • Q. How long does it take to repair a smartphone at Yaantra?

    The duration of smartphone repair depends on the type and severity of the damage. However, Yaantra ensures that the repair process is completed as soon as possible and the device is delivered to the customer within the shortest possible time.

  • Q. Does Yaantra provide a warranty for its repairs?

    Yes, Yaantra provides a warranty on its repairs. The warranty period varies depending on the type of repair and the brand of the device.

  • Q. Can I book a mobile repair service online?

    Yes, You can book a mobile repair service online through Yaantra's website or mobile app.

  • Q. How can I track the status of my repair?

    You can track the status of your repair online by logging into your Yaantra account.

  • Q. Does Yaantra use genuine parts for its repairs?

    Yes, Yaantra uses genuine parts for its repairs. In case genuine parts are not available, Yaantra uses high-quality OEM parts.

  • Q. What happens if my device cannot be repaired?

    In case your device cannot be repaired, Yaantra will return it to you without any charge.

  • Q. Is it safe to hand over my device to Yaantra for repair?

    Yes, it is completely safe to hand over your device to Yaantra for repair. Yaantra ensures complete data privacy and security.

  • Q. How do I pay for the repair service?

    You can pay for the repair service online through Yaantra's website or mobile app using various payment methods including debit/credit cards, net banking, and UPI.

  • Q. Can Yaantra repair all brands of smartphones?

    Yes, Yaantra can repair all popular brands of smartphones including Samsung, Apple, Google, Oneplus, Vivo, Oppo, Mi, Nokia, and more.

Why People Trust Yaantra

Yaantra is a trusted name in the mobile repair industry, taking pride in having served over 5 lakh customers in recent years with an unwavering commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Our dedication to delivering exceptional phone repair services has earned us a reputation for excellence that we strive to maintain in the future.

With seven years of experience in the industry, our team of highly skilled technicians and customer support executives goes the extra mile to ensure that our customers' mobile repair needs are met with professionalism, care, and efficiency. We understand that a mobile device is an essential part of our customers' daily lives, and any disruption in its functioning can cause inconvenience. Hence, we provide swift and effective mobile repair services that exceed our customers' expectations.

Yaantra's steadfast commitment to quality and customer satisfaction has earned us a loyal customer base and a reputation as a leading player in the mobile repair industry. We remain committed to exceeding our customers' expectations and delivering happiness and satisfaction.


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  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

    100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

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