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Mobile Overheat Problem

With Overheat Problem Been One Of The Common Issue In Every Second Mobile Device; We Tender Premier Repair Services For It In No Time.

Signal Issues

It might sound minor fault, but can really trouble user with all irrelevant issues. We promise quality repair service to tackle all signal faults.

Motherboard Issue

Motherboard issue is one of the complex & serious fault in mobile phone. We repair or replace defective motherboard with utmost care under expert’s supervision

Water Damage Repair

It does not matter whether it is one splash, one spill or full immersion in pool, we can repair it.

Cracked screen

Simply, it does not matter whether it is minor crack or major crack or completely busted smartphone, we can still repair it with fastest turnaround time.

Power Issues

We provide quality repair service for complex faults including mobile not turning on or keeps restarting.

  • Repair--Meter

    Try out Yaantra’s Repair-O-Meter to get an estimate on mending your smartphone as per the abrasion caused. It’s as simple as 3 steps:

    • Provide your phone’s Model name, Brand name and Year of making.
    • Specify the type of damaged caused.
    • Get your estimate and decide to act further.

    The estimates provided are subject to vary under special circumstances

  • Bk a Repair
  • Track Yur Device
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Why Choose Yaantra for Mobile Repair?


Quality Repair Services

We ensure the highest quality of procedures and services

Dedicated Customer Support

Customer Satisfaction and a seamless consumer experience is top priority at Yaantra.

Certified Technicians and Resources

Our certified technicians are highly skilled with an expertise for repairing all kinds of devices.

Free Pickup and Delivery

We pride ourselves in providing customers pick-up/delivery of their devices. *(Feature available at select locations.)

how it works

  • Smartphone repair pick up
  • Cellphone repairing services repair
  • quality phones quality check
  • same day delivery deliver
  • You guys are creating an altogether different level for after sales services in India. You serviced my Mi4i within 24hrs with accurate and up to date information provided from time to time. That was really amazing! Best of luck for the future, Yaantra.

    -Vipin Sharma


  • It's wonderful to get your services. From picking up the product at our doorstep and getting it delivered back to us. Plus, we experienced total customer satisfaction at a normal price. Cheers, Yaantra!

    -Gurdeep Singh


  • I was convinced after speaking to Yaantra's customer repair. He was really energetic, confident, and reassuring. That's why I put all my trust in Yaantra, and they didn't let me down

    -Anmol Adhana


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