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Doorstep Service is a convenient and quick way to get one's smartphone or tablet fix by certified technicians at one's preferred location and at one's preferred time! Doorstep service is available in Delhi, Bengaluru and Pune.


We are market leaders in mobile and tablet service segment with in-house repair capabilities. Our indigenously built diagnostic software and certified technicians offers the best services. Our lab service can be booked online or via call.

Our Promises

Up to 6 Months Warranty
100% Quality Parts
Fastest Turnaround Time
Quality Servicing
Online Status Tracking
Hi-Tech Labs
7 Days Doorstep Service
Best Price Guaranteed
Reasonable & Transparent Pricing


Mobile Overheating

Power-Hungry apps, old battery, multi-tasking on many apps simultaneously, excessive gaming, and over-night charging leads to overheating. Let our technicians resolve the issue once and for all.

Signal Issues

Poor signal strength is a common problem. It's quite possible that your smart device is at fault! Our expert technicians can help you sort out the issue at best price with up to 6 months warranty.

Motherboard Problem

A phone's motherboard is its smartest part. Inadequate power supply, short circuit, & moisture penetration, are some common issues. Our mobile repair experts can guide you well in such matters.

Water Damage

Immersion in water, or moisture penetration during rainy season can do great damage to the internal parts of the phone. Our technicians are experts in restoring water damaged smartphones. Book now!

Cracked Screen

Your smartphone is a robust piece of technology, but it's delicate too. Smartphones without screen guards or temper protection are susceptible to get cracked. We cater to all screen issues with utmost care.

Battery Issues

Does your phone's battery take hours to recharge? This can hamper your work & entertainment. Opt for Doorstep Service at a highly affordable price.

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