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LED TV Repair, LED TV Repair in Delhi/NCR
LED TV Repair, LED TV Repair in Delhi/NCR
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Black Screen Repair Black Screen Repair

Nothing But Complete Darkness When You Switch On Your LED?
This happens to the meanest of machines but luckily for you, we repair all kinds of LED Screens and a Black Screen is one of the most common problems that we take care of. It wouldn’t take our technical team much time fixing your screen and delivering it back to you as good as new! Pick up your phone and call us.

distorted-image Distorted Image

All Visuals On Your LED Seem Fuzzy And Distorted When You Power-On?
Sometimes your LED screen can start misbehaving due to internal software issues due to which you might see fuzzy images and distorted visuals throughout your time watching the TV. But don’t worry it’s no big deal, at Yaantra, we fix your LEDs with distorted visuals and restore it back to its original state. Get your screen fixed and get upto 6-months warranty on your repair.

Horizontal Lines/Colour Leak Horizontal Lines/Colour Leak

A Patch Of Colours Appearing On Your LED Screen?
Ignoring Colour leaks is one of the major reasons why LED screens become inoperable leading to permanent screen failure. Presence of horizontal lines is also a form of colour leak. So do yourself a favour and call Yaantra’s certified technicians to save the day. Our high-tech labs have all resources necessary in order to fix your colour leak to the core. Give us a call and our executives will pick-up the LED from your door-step and deliver it back to you in as little time as possible.

Not Switching On?
Not Switching On?

Confused whether it's the remote that's not working or just the LED?
There are times when an LED’s screen doesn’t switch on and we keep checking the remote for battery issues. Your LED screen might not be switching on for multiple reasons, give Yaantra a call and let us know about any LED Screen Repair problems you’re having and we’ll have our certified technicians have a look at your convenience.


No Sound? No Sound?

Not Able To Hear Any Sound When The LED Switches On?
Not being able to hear any sound from your LED device might be a cause of serious concern since it is to do with the internal wiring of the LED. No Sound might be because of faulty settings or internal software issues. But as complex as it sounds, it’s really not for our certified team of technical experts who are eveready to solve all your LED Sound related problems. Give us a call to avail our door-step pick-up and delivery services.

Audio Fluctuations? Audio Fluctuations?

Think You' re Hearing Two Different Sets Of Audio?
Audio fluctuations are a result of mishap in the internal software settings of your LED screens and it’s not a rare sight to see an LED’s software misbehaving from time to time. At Yaantra, we receive such faulty LEDs everyday and fixing them to its core is what we do. We’re experts in our field, all you need to do is call us and have your door-step pick-up scheduled for no extra cost.


Wi-Fi & Bluetooth Issue
Wi-Fi & Bluetooth Issue

Unable To Connect Your LED To Wi-Fi Or Bluetooth?
If you own a smart-TV and find it difficult to connect to Wi-Fi or Bluetooth in your LED, there might be a hardware issue that needs to be addressed at the earliest. Getting your LED fixed by Yaantra’s certified technical experts will resolve your Wi-Fi/Bluetooth issues and make your LED error-free.


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