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Network of 10K+ Retailers
Network of 10K+ Retailers
30+ Smartphone Brands
Smartphone Models
30+ Smartphone Brands
Top Brands
27K+ Pin Codes
Pin Codes
30+ Smartphone Brands
30+ Smartphone Brands
 Quality Certified Phones
Quality Certified Phones

Why dealers choose us for wholesale phones


Business Benefits

  • 6000K Joining Discount
  • Special Prices for Retailers
  • Special Discounts for Old Retailers
  • QC on your own

Support Service

  • Super-fast Shipping
  • 6 Months Warranty
  • Multiple Payment Options
  • Fastest Payment Cycle

Wide Inventory

  • 30+ Brands
  • 1500+ Smartphone Models
  • 4G Smartphones starting at Rs.2499
  • Huge Profits on Xiaomi. Motorola, Samsung, Apple Smartphones

Doing Business with YAANTRA is easy!

The retail app makes bulk buying easy and quick.

Yaantra Retail App

The retail app makes bulk buying
easy and quick.
Latest Smartphones

Latest Smartphones

Access the wide inventory of popular phones by
big brands at great margins!
30+ Smartphone Brands

Stylish Accessories

Buy stylish accessories like power banks at
highly affordable prices.


If you are looking for mobile repair, get in touch with us!
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